Why Every Property Manager Needs An HVAC Professional On Their Team

A while back, I was at a meeting in Portland, and had the chance to talk with a property manager who oversaw several buildings in the community. Like most property managers, he had a general commercial contractor on board that he relied on to service his properties on a regular basis. And for the most part, this was working out perfectly. From small maintenance items, to even basic plumbing repairs, most tasks were simple in nature and could easily be fixed in a timely manner

Activity listings in Boise, Idaho

Let’s face it, many Boise locals go into a state of hibernation during the winter months. The outside temperatures aren’t the most comfortable and Boise Weekly’s event calendar lists fewer ongoing functions at this time. But with the beginning of April comes the sun, maybe a smile or two, and activities! You no longer have to wait to hear where to go in Boise and how to spend your time. Searching for these activities is now a thing of the past.

Spring Fitness Challenge

Total System Services, together with One Hour Heating and Air, is implementing a fitness challenge for April, May, and June. During these three months, the goal is to exercise at least ten hours a month. However, the principal objective here is to promote the benefits of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. In attempt to boost morale and highlight the advantages to this challenge, I have listed some diet and fitness facts below. So read on and happy exercising!