Whether the weather outside is hot and sticky or cold and snowy, you need the ability to control the climate inside your commercial property. Keeping your business at the right temperature is about more than just making sure everyone is comfortable. It also protects the interior of your building, including vital infrastructure like plumbing, and ensures that sensitive equipment and inventory aren’t damaged.

Since 1985, Total System Services has provided Ucon, ID, business owners HVAC solutions for their commercial properties. With our team of experienced, highly trained technicians, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best possible craftsmanship. And thanks to our straightforward, fair pricing, you know you’re getting the best value potential.

Commercial Heating Solutions

When cold weather hits, you don’t want to get caught unprepared. With Total System Services, we’ll ensure your commercial property’s heating system is working up to snuff, ready to give you the heat you need no matter what the temperature is outside.

Commercial Furnace Installation and Repair

Our team of experts has experience working with equipment from all the major manufacturers, and with their years of training, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. At Total System Services, we’re equipped to handle your commercial furnace repairs or installation, no matter the size of the job.

We also offer comprehensive furnace maintenance, which can help you keep your furnace performing at peak efficiency for years. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll experience better indoor air quality, more effective heating, and extend the life of your equipment, avoiding early, expensive replacements.

Commercial Heat Pump Services

For many Ucon, ID, business owners, commercial heat pump installation makes sense. These systems draw heat from outdoor air—even when the air is cold—and transfer that heat indoors, creating an efficient, cost-effective way to heat your property. The best part? The process can be reversed in the summer, sending hot air outside and leaving your business cool.

The technicians at Total System Services are familiar with a variety of heat pump repairs, as well, meaning they’re well-equipped to get your heat pump back up and running. Of course, we’ll make sure to solve any underlying problems, too, so you won’t have the same problem again and again.

Commercial Boiler Installation and Repair

Boilers are one of the most efficient ways to provide heat for your commercial property. With efficiency ratings that can top 95%, boilers offer consistent heat for your building without costing you an arm and a leg. When you install the latest boiler equipment, you’ll enjoy the highest levels of efficiency as well as long-lasting, low-maintenance heat.

One often overlooked aspect of boiler maintenance, however, is commercial water treatment. Without treating the water in your boiler, you could experience reduced performance and breakdowns due to scaling, corrosion, and microbiological growth. With our water treatment system, you can be sure your boiler will last the test of time.

Commercial Cooling Solutions

There’s nothing worse than having to suffer through a long, hot, stuffy day, all because your building’s AC is on the fritz. With Total System Services, we’ll make sure you have the AC equipment you need to beat the heat.

Commercial AC Installation and Repair

Total System Services has you covered whether you’re replacing older AC equipment or installing a cooling system for the first time. Our team of experts can help you choose the best AC unit for your building, ensuring that you have the cool air you need to keep your building comfortable.

Our team also specializes in commercial AC repair to get your system back online quickly. It’s usually best to call our technicians in at the first sign of trouble. Putting off repairs increases the chances that you’ll end up with a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Ductless Split System Installation and Maintenance

Ductless split systems are gaining in popularity for many business owners. These systems work much like heat pumps, except they use wall units rather than existing ductwork. Each wall unit connects to a central outdoor condenser, which provides heating and cooling to specific areas. A professional split system installation can save you money while also providing total control over your building’s cooling.

Ucon’s Leading Commercial HVAC Contractors

For more than 30 years, Total System Services has provided Ucon, ID, businesses the help they need to keep their buildings comfortable all year long. So if you’re looking for HVAC solutions for your commercial property, contact the team at Total System Services today!