As any property owner knows, weather can flip on a dime when you live in Cedar Mill, OR.Cedar Mill Commercial HVAC Between heavy rainfall and that sweltering Oregon heat, you need your commercial building fitted to handle anything Mother Nature dishes out.

That’s where Total System Services can help. With unparalleled service, profound dedication to excellence, and a team of masterful technicians, we’re here to assist with all of your commercial heating and air conditioning needs. 

Commercial HVAC in Cedar Mill, OR

When you need services for your commercial HVAC in Cedar Mill, OR, it’s imperative that you schedule the repairs as soon as possible.

If you manage a commercial workspace, you already know how poor heating and cooling impacts productivity. It’s vital that you complete repairs quickly and efficiently. 


Just as you bring your car to the shop for an oil change or visit the doctor for a physical, your HVAC system requires annual maintenance, care, and tune-ups.

Completing preventative HVAC maintenance prevents significant damage or breakdowns. Additionally, tune-ups and maintenance ensure your system performs at its best, saving you money in costly electric bills. 

HVAC Repair 

No matter how much preventative care you give your HVAC system, there comes a time when it needs repairs.

From broken parts to recurrent pilot and ignition problems, we are well-versed in any HVAC problem you might encounter. 

Unit Installation

Your HVAC system is a complicated beast. Trying to perform an installation on your own can damage your machine, your building’s electrical wiring, and can even cause bodily harm.

That’s why we provide top-tier installation services for your commercial HVAC. We can even help you choose the right HVAC system for your building. 

Commercial AC 

As temperatures rise, commercial air conditioning isn’t a luxury; it’s necessary for the health of your workers or tenants.

Whether you need commercial air conditioner installation or repair services, we will get your AC unit up and running to facilitate optimal temperatures. 


When your AC unit breaks down, it impedes productivity and creates a hazardous work environment.

The best way to prevent AC breakdowns? Performing routine maintenance. With an unwavering dedication to safety and functionality, we happily complete routine HVAC maintenance to combat damage from long-term use. 


When your AC unit goes down, it’s more than an inconvenience. With our emergency repair services, you can enjoy cooler temperatures faster. We’ll handle repairs such as:

  • Leakage
  • Thermostat recalibration
  • Broken compressors 
  • Faulty breakers and fuses

Our skilled HVAC repair technicians will take care of these issues and more!


Arming large-scale commercial buildings with superior cooling technology is our priority. But equipping commercial buildings with cooling systems is a much more complicated process than it is in residential buildings.

Commercial buildings have intricate ductwork systems. The equipment itself must be powerful enough to handle the increased capacity of large facilities.

We only employ the top talent in the Cedar Mill, OR region, so you can rest comfortably knowing that only the most qualified technicians are installing your new unit. 

Commercial Furnaces

As your property’s source of heating, your furnace is paramount to the functionality of your commercial space. We go above and beyond to provide commercial furnace services, maintenance, repairs, and installation at your property. 


Like the rest of your cooling and heating equipment, your commercial furnace requires adequate maintenance to perform at its best.

Schedule an appointment to keep your furnace working well for as long as possible. 


We know that when your heating system needs repairs, you need commercial furnace services immediately. At the first sign of trouble, we’ll visit your site to fix any problems that may be happening.

At Total System Services, we keep parts in stock so that you never need to wait for your repairs. We offer emergency repair services and scheduled repair services. 


Choosing and installing the right furnace can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of thought that goes into finding the right furnace, and installing such a complicated system in a commercial space can be hazardous.

Our HVAC company will let you know what to expect from start to finish as we safely install your new unit. 

Operations and Management Contracts 

At Total System Services, we offer our clients operations and management contracts.

As experienced HVAC contractors, we provide extensive benefits when you work with us, including 24/7, emergency on-call service, scheduled equipment service, subcontractor management, and more. 

Government Contracts 

We proudly provide heating and air conditioning services to public buildings through our government contracts. We’re no stranger to public commercial HVAC service. In fact, our work under government contracts is spread across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest! 

Commercial HVAC Near You

The next time you need a heating and air conditioning company near you, look no further. When you need commercial HVAC near Cedar Mill, OR, call us to schedule appointments for maintenance, repair, or installation. Turn to the team you can trust at Total System Services today.