Our team at Total System Services has been providing commercial HVAC services in Clackamas, OR, since 1985. In that time, we’ve developed the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your business the most reliable HVAC services, whether you need installations, repairs, maintenance, or any other essential services.

Handling All Your Commercial Heating Needs

Reliably keeping your business heated is essential, so trust the professionals with your commercial heating needs. Our experienced technicians can help you determine the best HVAC system for your unique requirements and carry out safe and reliable installations.

Boiler Installations and Repairs

Dealing with boilers is one of the most common commercial HVAC services we provide in Clackamas, OR. Boilers make a lot of sense; they’re efficient, affordable, and simple to maintain. Total System Services installs, repairs, and supports all makes and models of commercial boiler systems.

We can ensure that your system is running efficiently without leaks and that you have the right water treatment in place to maintain your system. When it is time for a newer model, our team will find the right boiler for you and give you a reliable quote on the HVAC replacement cost.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are reliable, versatile, and efficient HVAC systems that can provide the heating and cooling you need for your business. Our team can provide you with a heat pump installation that takes up very little space and requires only minor modifications to your business.

What is HVAC without reliable maintenance? Total System Services is ready to carry out effective heat pump repairs whenever you need them. We can also deliver the essential seasonal care you need to keep your heating going strong all winter long.

Commercial Furnaces

Total System Services licensed technicians repair and replace commercial furnaces of all types and sizes. No matter what scale of building you operate, we can provide the installation, repair, and maintenance services you need to keep your furnace running and providing reliable heat.

Don’t wait until your furnace shuts down altogether to call in the experts for repairs. If you notice issues like strange noises, insufficient heat, or rising heating bills, don’t start searching the web for “HVAC companies near me” — reach out to Total System Services.

Commercial AC Installations and Repairs

Our highly-trained technicians can handle any of your air conditioning service needs. We install, replace, and repair all types of commercial AC units and can deliver the fast and friendly service necessary to keep your business cool and comfortable.

Whether the issue turns out to be with the system’s refrigerant, electrical, mechanical, or air circulation systems, Total System Services can get to the bottom of it and provide you with reliable repairs. Our experienced team will also let you know if a replacement would be in your best interest and give you a reliable, no-obligation quote.

Ductless AC Installations

Ductless AC systems provide an innovative and efficient new way to handle room-by-room heating and cooling. If it’s time to replace your existing AC system, consider that a mini-split system can save your business a lot of money on your power bills over the years.

Mini-split systems also give you more control over the temperature in your business, letting you designate specific cooling zones. You won’t have to waste cooling where it isn’t needed, thereby further increasing your energy savings.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is an essential part of our commercial HVAC services in Clackamas, OR, especially for systems like boilers that use water to transfer heat. Commercial systems require monthly treatment to protect against corrosion, scaling and fouling.

Our team can provide the necessary consultation and treatment services to ensure that commercial HVAC systems are protected. We can also provide the test kits and chemical reagents used for the day-to-day upkeep of large commercial boiler systems.

Commercial HVAC and Home Heating Companies Near Me

When it comes time to choose the business to handle your company’s commercial HVAC services, you need to know that you’re choosing a team you can count on.

At Total System Services, that’s just what you get. We’ve been providing reliable commercial HVAC services for over 35 years and continue to improve the level of service we provide for our valued customers.

Total System Services is the top Clackamas heating and cooling company with the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle installations, repairs, or maintenance. 

Reach out today to schedule your next commercial or residential HVAC service. Our team of experts is standing by to assist with all of your HVAC needs.