commercial HVAC repair

Keeping your commercial property cooled, heated, and ventilated is a much bigger challenge than it is for most residential properties. As a property owner, you are constantly trying to balance maintaining a safe and comfortable space while also saving energy and keeping heating and cooling costs reasonable. 

You need an HVAC contractor that specializes in commercial HVAC in Stafford, OR so that you can feel confident about installations, repairs, and maintenance. At Total System Services, we understand the position you have as a business owner. Commercial HVAC services are our specialty and we can take care of everything from HVAC installation to O&M contracts for comprehensive care in the Stafford area. 


Commercial HVAC for Stafford, OR

Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes and every building needs unique heating and air conditioning that is customized for the property. We provided commercial HVAC service for warehouses, schools, medical buildings, office blocks, and much more. With our services, every room in the building from the lobby to the side office will stay at a perfect temperature.


HVAC Maintenance

Even with a perfectly installed system, there will be a decrease in efficiency and functionality without regular HVAC maintenance. It is important to schedule preventative maintenance at least once a year to avoid breakdowns and keep your system running for longer before having to replace it. 

Our maintenance at Total System Services includes:

  • Detailed cleaning of everything from coils to drain lines
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Filter changes
  • Safety control testing
  • Top to bottom safety check of motor, electrical connections, thermostat, and more.

Monthly tune-ups are also a part of our recommended services for commercial HVAC systems. Investing in monthly service is an excellent way to cut down on how much you spend on utilities and repair services. Tune-ups will also keep the space more consistently comfortable for customers and employees. 


HVAC Repair

Consistent maintenance will keep most major concerns away, but you may still experience occasional breakdowns. When you do notice something going wrong with the system, you can call us for HVAC repair. 

Watch out for new odors or sounds, signs of leaking water or refrigerant, and warm or cold spots throughout your building. When something goes wrong, we will quickly send a technician to come to take a look and resolve the problem. 


HVAC Installation

Installation of an HVAC system is a crucial stage if you are interested in system longevity. We handle installations for both simple and complex systems.


Simple Systems

We install simple systems such as single-split systems, multi-split systems, and variable refrigerant flow systems. They are a good choice for properties with smaller zones that need to be controlled individually. 


Complex Systems

This type of system uses refrigerant that is circulated through cooling or heating coils with centralized heating and cooling. This includes boilers, cooling towers, chillers, and ventilation. We are experts in the installation of all of these and we can help you design the perfect system. 


Commercial AC

There is more to Stafford than cold, drizzly days. During the summer, hot and muggy temperatures can drive people indoors. If you have been looking for commercial HVAC near you that can cool off your building, consider our professional AC services.


AC Maintenance

Maintenance might be the most important and the most overlooked service for commercial air conditioning. During AC maintenance, we make sure your energy bills stay low and your AC keeps running without repairs. Maintenance with us will include cleaning coils, drains, and AC fins. We will check for duct and refrigerant leaks, inspect mechanical parts and fan belts, and lubricate and replace parts as needed. We’ll also check and calibrate your thermostat. 


AC Repair

Not all breakdowns can be avoided. When your air conditioner does break down, we will get there quickly so your employees and customers will never suffer from the heat. We can service all types of AC whether we installed it or not, so never hesitate to call.


AC Installation

The challenge of installing commercial air conditioners doesn’t phase our technicians. We are experienced at installing systems in everything from smaller office spaces to large commercial buildings. We will help you choose the right system and ensure proper function through meticulous installation.


Commercial Furnaces

Summers are short and winters are long, so you need a good furnace to make you have heat even when the sun hasn’t made an appearance. With commercial heating at Total System Services, everyone will stay warm as long as they are in your building. 


Furnace Maintenance

When you schedule monthly maintenance, you’ll ensure the safety of your system and keep it running efficiently. We’ll give it a full check with cleaning, lubrication, and safety tests. We’ll be able to identify and fix any problems that we find. 


Furnace Repair

All commercial HVACs in Stafford OR will need repairs. When the furnace in your property makes new noises, stops working, or cannot keep up with the thermostat anymore, call us right away for fast repairs. 


Furnace Installation

Giving your furnace a good start by ensuring a good installation will help it to run well for years. We will come and take a look at your space to see what we recommend. We will give you options that serve both your heating and budget needs. Our commercial services are designed to provide customized heating for businesses, large and small.


Operations and Management Contracts

We don’t just do commercial HVAC near Stafford, OR. There is nothing in your building that we can’t take care of. We offer a wide range of O&M services that are specifically designed to take building maintenance off of your hands. 


Preventative Maintenance

We offer complete scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance for lights, elevators, doors, plumbing, and more.


Facility Maintenance

There are hundreds of different types of businesses so our maintenance services are just as varied. We offer 24/7 emergency on-call services, building inventory, water treatment, work order management and dispatching, and much more. 


Government Contracts

Like commercial buildings, government properties require specialized services. We offer full-service contracts for maintaining and running your building. Our HVAC company can work out a contract for custodial, maintenance, and more. 


Expert Commercial HVAC in Stafford, OR

If you need someone that specializes in commercial HVAC in Stafford, OR, let us help you maintain your property. We are a heating and air conditioning company near you that has years of experience in repairing, maintaining, and installing HVAC systems. We have been taking care of HVAC services, O&M, and government contracts for years and we are ready to work with you to find the perfect solution. Give us a call today.