Spring Coil Cleaning HVAC Maintenance

Spring has officially sprung! For your HVAC equipment, this means coil cleaning. During the spring maintenance, your HVAC Technician will pay extra special attention to both condenser and evaporator coils.

Cleaning Evaporator CoilsCondenser coils are typically located on the outside of the unit/structure, while the evaporator coils remain inside. However, both types of coils can be used in heating and cooling systems, helping transfer the flow of energy to the unit efficiently and effectively.

Here, at Total System Services, we know where there are coils, there’s debris. Coils are exposed to the elements and collect everything from grass to dirt to cotton to dust.
Dirty coils block heat flow. They reduce cooling capacity and increase power expenses, spiking up that power bill. If left untreated, they also can become infested with mildew and present a threat to the functionality of the compressor.

Cleaning and washing coils prevent corrosion and aid in effectual air circulation. Your HVAC technician knows that your system is much like a jigsaw puzzle. Technicians are trained to remove each part, clean it with the proper sanitizing solution, and carefully put in back into its place. TSS Technicians come equipped with brushes, chemical coil cleaners, and hand held spray pumps. They utilize their tools and HVAC knowledge in each step of this process.

In addition to cleaning your coils until they are spotless, our Technicians will check all of the coil’s and unit’s electrical connections. They will ensure that the wiring and contactors are working correctly, aiming to identify potential problems.
We are prepped and ready for the upcoming cooling season, are you?


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