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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Virtually every commercial facility in the United States features a centralized HVAC system. Some commercial HVAC units have significantly more ductwork at times spanning thousands of feet. Such systems might be attached to multiple HVAC units, especially with mid-sized to large buildings. TSS HVAC contracts with property managers and commercial building owners to alleviate the burden of maintenance for HVAC systems. What is our secret to years of worry-free HVAC operation? HVAC Maintenance. Our commercial HVAC maintenance services in Boise, Portland and Seattle are designed to provide you with the maximum return for a minimum amount of effort on your part.

Sometimes it may seem like your HVAC system is just waiting for the worst possible time to fail, but with regular HVAC maintenance contracted through TSS HVAC, you can hand over your worries — we’ll take care of them. We have trained, certified professional technicians who service commercial HVAC equipment in Portland, Boise and Seattle.

HVAC systems consist of

  • HVAC units that condition and push air through facilities
  • Ductwork in which conditioned air travels through
  • Air filters that prevent foreign objects from harming the welfare of HVAC systems
  • Thermostats that regulate the temperature, essentially acting as the “brain” of these systems

Altogether, the HVAC system helps people live more comfortably, staving off heat stroke in the summer, the chill of winter, and sometimes helping to alleviate allergies. Properly functioning commercial HVAC systems also provide an atmosphere conducive to employees operating at their optimum. HVAC maintenance prolongs the longevity of the buildings that house them, saving businesses money in construction repair.

Below is a review of commercial HVAC maintenance including signs of upcoming repairs, the approximate cost of repairs, the importance of maintenance, and how often maintenance should occur to be effective and affordable.

Electricity bills rise for no apparent reason

Utility companies sometimes raise the cost of electricity, although they’ll usually inform you of changes before and on the actual dates they switch over. If your electricity bills rise over time without installing any new fixtures or building add-ons, it’s likely HVAC maintenance is needed for the system. The culprit is typically bad air filters or clogged ductwork, although the problem could lie within the HVAC unit(s) itself.

Unpleasant odors

On occasion, a business may experience odor due to items clogging ductwork. One unfortunate instance is an animal inadvertently crawling into ducts and passing away because they can’t find a way to escape. HVAC maintenance of cleaning ducts is not always easy and affected sections may even require replacement if a decaying animal has been there for a lengthy time.

Decreased Ventilation

Sometimes, vents blow less air than usual, causing rooms and hallways to feel stuffy. This can make them inefficiently cold in muggy summer months, or unable to warm cold rooms in the frigid winter months. Without regular HVAC maintenance, ventilation can decrease throughout the entire HVAC system layout, or it may be centralized to one or two vents. Dust and debris are typically the culprits for ventilation performing poorly.

Thermostat Not function Properly

If the HVAC systems do not produce the desired air temperature, a variety of faulty parts and systems could require maintenance or replacement. Since thermostats effectively act as the nuclei of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, small changes in atmospheric conditions surrounding thermostats, or in the function of these compact machines could be the culprit. Maintenance can be as simple as replacing a thermostat battery.

HVAC repairs almost ALWAYS exceed the cost of regular HVAC maintenance. … especially when they require the complexity to manage temperature and airflows in expansive commercial facilities. Experienced, certified HVAC technicians typically charge between $50 and $200 per visit, with the upper bound typically being applicable to expansive facilities, buildings, and properties.  A maximum of $200 paid a minimum of twice yearly far outweighs the potential cost of replacing a $8,000-plus HVAC unit, thousand-dollar or better runs of ductwork, and potential damages like fire which might burn entire properties down. Signing a contract with an HVAC company, such as TSS HVAC, ensures systems run efficiently and helps to alleviate the need for costly repairs due to emergencies.

Below are the basic costs expected to incur if failing to engage in regular HVAC maintenance:


Since ductwork can be punctured by debris, grow mold, and even have animals die within, etc. there is a need for regular HVAC maintenance. Routinely addressing issues makes it much more affordable. If left untreated, the cost of replacing large sections or all of the ductwork can be roughly $50 per foot in addition to cost of overworking the system to compensate for poor performance.

Industrial-Level HVAC Units

New commercial HVAC systems can cost upwards of $7,000 to $8,000…sometimes reaching just short of $15,000. Regular HVAC maintenance helps ensure the system operates for its expected lifetime. A general rule of thumb is that if the HVAC unit was installed over 10 years ago, and the repairs would cost more than half the purchase price, you’re likely better off purchasing a brand-new unit. This alone, illustrates how regular HVAC maintenance can save BIG money!

Individual Components

Thermostats, air filters, and sensors are far cheaper maintenance than ducts and machinery. While it’s worthwhile to replace these units if not exorbitantly expensive, you should always consider the option to repair before spending $1,000’s on HVAC systems and ductwork.

TSS HVAC recommends hiring certified professionals for maintenance to all ductwork, HVAC units, thermostats, vents, and related equipment at least twice a year. Regular maintenance, upkeep, and inspections plans are designed to catch repairs in their infancy, rather than replacing expensive HVAC systems, after the fact.

With HVAC maintenance performed at key times during the year, your systems will run at peak performance whether it’s the heat of summer or the cold of a Northwest winter. Even better, our TSS HVAC technicians get to know your equipment during preventive HVAC maintenance servicing — so they can spot potential problems before they cause expensive emergencies and downtime.

TSS HVAC much prefers the maintenance of HVAC systems to monitor for issues, replacing singular parts or simply cleaning them out, than installing brand-new HVAC systems from the ground up. We believe in saving our HVAC clients time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. As a bonus, HVAC maintenance plans typically go down in price as visits per year increase. Consider scheduling an HVAC maintenance service a few weeks before you need to use your heating and a few weeks before you need to use your air conditioning. This will help beat the rush of customers who realize they have emergencies from not having regular maintenance and will help assure you are prepared for the weather changes.

The courteous techs at TSS HVAC are certified by the North American Technician Excellence program, are fully licensed, and average more than 10 years of experience. They will work with you to develop a preventive HVAC maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC that suits your needs, budget, and building — we don’t do one-size-fits-all HVAC maintenance.

TSS HVAC wants to be your commercial preventative HVAC maintenance partner whether you’re in Seattle, Boise or Portland. Request service via our Schedule an Appointment page!