Total System Services COVID-19 Response to Protect Our Customers and Employees

worker mask
All TSS field service personnel are required to follow the following procedures:
PERSONAL HEALTH CHECKS are conducted before the start of each workday by all employees and reported to their supervisor via an electronic, fillable checklist document. If employees have any of the symptoms described by health officials to be potentially associated to COVID-19 illness then they are required to stay at home and immediately begin a 14-day quarantine, and any available medical treatment as established by Government set recommendations and standards. To date there have been no known TSS employees that has been infected with COVID-19.

Hand washing & protection: All service vehicles have been equipped with water-based hand wash stations and all service employees have been instructed to wash their hands, in accordance to COVID-19 standards and recommendations, after each service call.
Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is also used where applicable and available as a secondary measure to proper hand washing.
Protective Gloves: All service employees are wearing protective gloves and are either washing or disposing of gloves between jobs.
Protective face masks: All employees have either disposable or washable face masks that are to be used at all times when outside of their vehicle.
Eye protection: All employees have wearable eye protection that is to be used at all times when outside their vehicles.

Training: All service employees are continuously trained on CDC recommended safe-distancing in accordance with Government recommendations or requirements.
Communications: ALL TSS service field personnel have been instructed to ask clients if anyone in the building or space has COVID-19 symptoms or if anyone in the building has tested positive for COVID-19 and have been known to be in or around the building or space. If the answer is yes, they have been instructed to NOT work on or around that property until it has been satisfactorily sterilized.
Parts: All parts and air filters that are removed from service and taken out of the equipment in which they were installed are either bagged or boxed and sealed immediately to the best of our ability before being transported from the immediate work area and properly disposed of.
Consumables: All rag materials used to clean, wipe down or attempt to disinfect HVAC equipment is to be bagged, boxed and sealed prior to being removed from the immediate work area.
Products: All products used to clean, wipe down or attempt to disinfect will be EPA approved for use against the coronavirus.

Because building infrastructure has been deemed critical and essential, TSS has been designated as an Essential Services Business. Therefore, in addition to adopting practices set forth by the Government, TSS has implemented the following steps to make sure our personnel, while at work, are as safe as possible from contracting the coronavirus and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the best of our ability:
Most non-field personnel are working remotely (if not 100% of the time then as much as possible (until such time as the Stay at Home Orders are lifted in Idaho, Oregon and Washington). All employees have been instructed to adhere to Government set practices related to COVID-19 while they are working at home.
For those employees who may be working at the TSS Corporate Offices or a TSS Satellite Office, we have implemented the following cleaning procedures:

All TSS Offices are sanitized once per week by a professional cleaning company which includes the use of hospital grade disinfectants and government approved cleaning agents, and specifically those that will kill COVID-19.
All TSS Offices are ‘deep-cleaned’ two additional times per week including all high-touch surfaces, and using only government recommended cleaners that will kill COVID-19.

For those employees working at one of TSS’s office locations, they are required to wear masks and gloves when working with other TSS personnel or vendors that occasionally visit our locations to deliver parts and materials.

NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES IMPLIED. TSS wants to make clear that there are presently no known methods to completely avoid infection or prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that these described practices are nothing more than an attempt and good faith measure to try to keep our employees and clients as safe from COVID-19 infection and transmission as we can while we conduct our work.