Total System Services is your go-to choice for Tigard HVAC services. Installations, repairs, and more — our licensed technicians have the essential experience, knowledge, and tools to handle any job. Reach out to us today for all commercial HVAC services in Tigard, OR.

Comprehensive Commercial Heating Services

You need to keep the heat on to keep your business running, and that’s why you should go with the trusted professionals at Total System Services. We service all makes and models of commercial heating systems with everything from installations and replacements to reliable repairs and maintenance.

Our experienced team can determine the best HVAC option for your business and give you honest quotes on any installations. With both the technical knowledge and the experience required to offer top-flight service, Total System Services will ensure that your business has safe, reliable, and efficient heating.

Commercial Boiler Services

If your business requires a new boiler, Total System Services can deliver just what you need. We’ll ensure that your new system is installed for optimal efficiency, providing the reliable heating you require. Many factors go into selecting and installing a new boiler, so reach out today to get started and receive a no-obligation quote.

When your commercial boiler is leaking, not delivering sufficient heat, or otherwise not working right, our experienced technicians can get to the bottom of the issue and provide the necessary repairs. We can even provide same-day HVAC repairs, so call us anytime for reliable central heat repair near you.

Commercial Heat Pump Services

Handling both commercial and residential Tigard heating and cooling, our team installs plenty of heat pumps. These innovative HVAC systems provide energy-efficient heating and could be the solution you need for your business. They can be installed essentially anywhere and make it easy to heat specific areas within your property at reasonable rates.

Our commercial HVAC services in Tigard, OR, include both heat pump repairs and maintenance. If your heat pump isn’t delivering enough heat or airflow, call us right away for essential heating and cooling repair services. We can also provide tune-ups to prepare your heat pumps for the coming winter.

Commercial Furnace Services

Trying to track down a quick furnace fix near you? The team at Total System Services are experts in same-day furnace repair. Years of experience and training allow our technicians to rapidly diagnose the true problem and provide you with a reliable quote for the required repairs.

We also handle planned furnace maintenance near you, providing the ongoing services you need to keep your business reliably heated. 

If your organization has an older or damaged furnace, Total System Services provides a full suite of furnace installation. Our technicians are experts at furnace installation and replacement, ensuring longevity and efficiency for your new system.

Commercial AC Services

Total System Services provides commercial AC services for all types of commercial air conditioning systems. We can handle your next AC installation or deliver the essential repairs you need to keep your business comfortable. Just reach out today for our same-day AC repair services.

The technicians at Total System Services are trained to carry out repairs and maintenance on all parts of your AC system, including the electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration systems. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the powerful cooling and airflow you need from your AC.

Split AC Installations

If you’re considering a new or replacement AC for your business, ductless mini-split air conditioning could be just what you need. These systems don’t rely on ductwork, making them easy to install almost anywhere. They’re also incredibly efficient, reducing utility bills over the life of your new system.

Ductless AC systems are versatile and can be installed in a configuration to meet your company’s specific needs. They can provide cooling for individual zones, reducing the power wasted cooling unused parts of your property.

Commercial Water Treatment

Boilers and other systems that circulate heated water need protection from corrosion, scaling, and fouling. Water treatment for these systems is a complex task that requires extensive experience.

Total System Services can handle your commercial HVAC water treatment needs, ensuring the continued efficient operation of your systems. Our team also provides the testing kits and reagents your organization needs to monitor water quality for day-to-day operation.

Commercial HVAC Services in Tigard, OR

When you decide to go with Total System Services for your commercial HVAC services, you’re choosing a team with over 35 years of experience delivering reliable and effective installations, repairs, and maintenance. Reach out to us today for a quote on any of your commercial HVAC needs.