5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

It’s May and already hot outside. You race from your car to the office in attempt to beat the heat, only to find that your office is unbearably hot as well! Your air conditioner could have one or a combination of the problems listed below.

Five Common Air Conditioner Problems:

air conditioner maintenance
Air Conditioner Maintenance

1. Improper Wiring– The system is not getting enough power, causing the circuit breaker to continuously trip. This could prevent the system from getting power. But it also is a possible fire hazard and requires the attention of a professional.

2. Uncooperative Thermostat– You have set the thermostat to the proper setting and adjusted the temperature accordingly and for some reason, nothing changes. Your thermostat could require new batteries or it could be set improperly.

3. Inadequate Cooling– When you are sure that your air conditioner is, in fact, working, but the air flow doesn’t seem to be as cool as it once was.Your unit could have dirty air filters or there could be some obstruction like debris in the air flow.

4. No power– The unit will not turn on or off, there is no heating and no cooling whatsoever. This could be an electrical issue, the thermostat could be set wrong, or one of the parts in the unit could be faulty.

5. Noisy Unit– There is a vibration or a loud rattling noise coming from your unit. Many parts from your unit can become worn with use. This can be caused from rubbing against another part over time. Our HVAC professionals can diagnose this issue and provide replacement parts for your unit.

It’s only the beginning of the cooling season. Don’t ignore air conditioner performance issues. If you experience any of the problems above, don’t hesitate to call Total System Services and have one of our Certified HVAC Technicians service your unit.


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