Have you ever experienced a day in Boise, ID that was so cold that you wanted to huddle next to your heating vent with a blanket? Maybe it’s the heat that bothers you instead. In mid-July when the sun is hot, cold air from your AC can feel refreshing. While you’re enjoying the benefits of your heater or AC, you can thank your air handler for bringing you the hot and cold air. 

At TSS Home Comfort, we know how important the air handler is in your business or home. We offer repair and replacement services to make sure warm and cool air is right where it needs to be. We will take care of your residential or commercial air handler with our air handler unit services in Boise ID. 


What Is an Air Handler? 

You may have heard of an air conditioner or a heat pump, but you may not have heard of an air handler or know the role it plays in keeping your house at a good temperature. The main difference between an air handler and heating and cooling sources like an AC, furnace, or heat pump is that an air handler unit only moves air around. It isn’t responsible for producing cold or hot air. 

Usually, you need an air handler unit, or AHU for short, when you have a heat pump or a stand-alone AC unit. If you have a furnace, the air handler is built into the system. But if you have a heat pump, the warm and cool air won’t make it through your vents without the help of an air handler. 


Our Air Handler Unit Services in Boise ID

When you need air handler services near Boise ID, you can trust the team at TSS Home Comfort to bring you honest and quality services whether you need a new AHU or you are calling for repairs. We work hard to have the best heating and air conditioning services near you.


Air Handler Repair and Maintenance Services

Many of the moving parts of your heating and AC systems are in the air handler. A lot of wear and tear can take place inside the blower and there can also be problems with the controls, filters, fan, and more. You may notice rattling or banging sounds coming from your indoor unit which will let you know that you need an air handler repair. 

If you want to avoid as many repairs as possible, you can consider air handler unit maintenance. We are happy to take a look at the unit and give it the cleaning and care it needs to keep working well no matter what the weather brings.


Air Handler Installation and Replacement Services

If you are ready for a brand new HVAC system, air handler installation is going to be part of the whole package. But if your heat pump or AC is still working fine and the problem is with the air handler, you can also have it installed on your own. 

Working with TSS Home Comfort to replace or install an air handler will make everything easier for you. We are always eager to find more efficient solutions for families in Boise. We do this by making sure you have good options that are the right size for your home. We will also work to make sure the cost of the new system is within your budget. 


Total Care at TSS Home Comfort

Comprehensive HVAC maintenance service is always easy when you are a Total Care Member. You get free fall and spring maintenance as well as free safety checks every year. Plus, you’ll get discounts on repairs, goods and services, and a reduced service fee. Members always get priority services and 24/7 emergency repairs with no extra fee. We take care of our Members because you matter to us!


Local Air Handler Unit Services in Boise ID

You can’t find technicians that are friendlier or more experienced than our team members at TSS Home Comfort. We have serviced and installed countless air handlers during our almost four decades of service in Treasure Valley and the surrounding areas. We have air handler unit services near Boise ID that are available 24/7 so you can call us any time. 

If your air handler has started giving you problems and you aren’t sure what you are going to do, let us take care of the problem. Rain or shine, we’ll be there fast with trucks fully stocked. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.