How To Avoid Office Temperature Fluctuations With Your Commercial HVAC System

Fall is a difficult time of the year. From one day to the next, you can experience 10, 20, even 30 degrees or more of fluctuation in the temperature. Add in rain and humidity, and its easy to see why a building’s HVAC system can have a difficult time keeping up with the demands. The environment changes from one moment to the next, and your HVAC system doesn’t know whether to keep it hot or keep it cold.

How HVAC Impacts Your Building’s Clean Air

The term HVAC is fairly straightforward and easy for most to understand. It consists of three parts: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, all necessary for keeping the environment within your building comfortable all year through. However there is another part to the HVAC system that few building owners think about – the control. Control determines how effective your HVAC system is during operation, and how well it meets the goals of comfort, safety and cost effectiveness.

Why Every Property Manager Needs An HVAC Professional On Their Team

A while back, I was at a meeting in Portland, and had the chance to talk with a property manager who oversaw several buildings in the community. Like most property managers, he had a general commercial contractor on board that he relied on to service his properties on a regular basis. And for the most part, this was working out perfectly. From small maintenance items, to even basic plumbing repairs, most tasks were simple in nature and could easily be fixed in a timely manner