During one year in West Slope, OR, the weather can go from being mostly cold and wet to over 80℉. If you own a commercial property, you want to make sure you can keep it comfortable year-round regardless of what the weather is doing. However, your building has different HVAC needs than a residential property, so you don’t want any HVAC contractor working on it. You can take excellent care of your system by finding someone who specializes in commercial HVAC in West Slope, OR. 

At Total System Services, we have taken care of commercial properties for years. We know how to keep buildings of all sizes comfortable and perfectly ventilated. We have maintenance, installation, and repair services for your entire HVAC system. 


Commercial HVAC, West Slope OR

Regardless of what type of commercial property you own, there are probably many different rooms that need to have the right heating, cooling, and ventilation. From storerooms and kitchens to bathrooms and office space, you don’t want to neglect an area and end up with uneven heating and cooling. Our commercial HVAC in West Slope, OR is focused on complete comfort through high-quality maintenance, installations, and repairs. 


HVAC Maintenance

The value of maintenance for energy savings and system longevity can’t be overstated. You don’t want to spend your resources on unnecessary HVAC repair when you could be using them to grow your business. HVAC maintenance can cut down repairs and put off a replacement for several more years. 

At Total System Services, choose a schedule that works for your business. We recommend preventative maintenance every year. We take care of cleaning, lubricating, tightening electrical connections, checking refrigerant pressure, changing filters, testing safety controls, and more. An HVAC system won’t cost as much on your energy bill when it doesn’t have dirt, grime, and broken parts holding it back. You can consider a monthly tune-up as well if your HVAC gets a lot of mileage.  


HVAC Repair

We can help prevent frequent breakdowns, but when something seems off with your system, we’re only a call away. Pay attention to your HVAC system. If it is making any noises that weren’t there before, the airflow is weak or not at the right temperature, there are hot and cold spots throughout the building, or there is a bad odor in your vents, call for HVAC repair.


HVAC Installation

Installing the right system can go a long way towards saving energy and keeping the property comfortable. If the system is either too big or too small, you will end up with problems that you will pay for on your utilities every year. Our commercial HVAC service includes custom installations that will ensure efficient cooling and heating year-round. 


Simple Systems

The needs of your building may not be complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can afford any less care and attention during installation. If you are planning to install a single-split, multi-split, or a refrigerant flow system, you can trust us to install it perfectly every time.


Complex Systems

More complex systems are still no problem for our team of technicians. We regularly install chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and complex ventilation systems for businesses in West Slope and the surrounding areas. 


Commercial AC

A good air conditioning system is essential if you want indoor spaces to stay comfortable during the hottest months of the summer. A lot goes into making this happen from the installation of the right AC to keeping it maintained. You can get all of it done in one place with our commercial HVAC near West Slope, OR. 


AC Maintenance

Your commercial air conditioning system doesn’t just need to be repaired every time it breaks down. If you want to keep costs lower, you will need to have it maintained. Our maintenance services include:

  • Inspection of machinery and electrical connections
  • Removing dirt and build-up from coils
  • Replacing fan belts
  • Cleaning and straightening fins
  • Maintaining drain lines
  • Checking ductwork
  • Thermostat checks and recalibration


AC Repair

Maybe your commercial AC seems to be working less efficiently or is no longer providing enough cooling. Or perhaps it has stopped working altogether leaving everyone inside to suffer through the heat. When either happens, you need an HVAC contractor to quickly arrive and fix the problem so it doesn’t affect day-to-day operations or make your employees or customers uncomfortable. We have on-demand repairs so you can get services when you need them. 


AC Installation

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, the size of your air conditioner is significant. You never want a system that is too small to adequately cool each room. We typically suggest purchasing something slightly larger than what your building needs so that you can avoid underperformance, but not so large that you are increasing your energy bills.  


Commercial Furnaces

Cold and humid days can make it difficult to get warm, even when you are inside. If you own a building, commercial heating can keep the chill away during the winter so that no one has to wear a coat indoors. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our furnace services including installation, repairs, tune-ups, and more. 


Furnace Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an essential commercial furnace service because it helps business owners avoid breakdowns and keep other costs low. Let us take care of your furnace through seasonal maintenance and tune-ups. 


Furnace Repair

Constant use and exceptionally cold temperatures can sometimes cause breakdowns, even if you have been careful about maintenance. We are on call for furnace repairs so you can keep your day on track. 


Furnace Installation

A lot goes into choosing the right furnace. At Total System Services, we want you to stay within budget while also finding a system that fits your needs. We take commercial HVAC in West Slope, OR seriously, and we want you to find the right solution.


Operations and Management Contracts

If you are looking for a heating and air conditioning company near you that can do more than just fix your HVAC system, we can provide you with comprehensive maintenance and management services. 


  • Preventative Maintenance: Our HVAC company can provide maintenance for your plumbing, parking lots, elevators, lighting, drains, and much more. 24/7 emergency services are always available 


  • Facility Maintenance: We offer tenant services, sub-contractor management, water treatment, equipment inventory, and work order management and dispatching. Let us take care of everything.


Government Contracts

We are excited to work with government clients to maintain facilities. We have many years of experience with the federal contracting system. Customize custodial and maintenance contracts including heat and air conditioning, upkeep, and more. 


Expert Commercial HVAC in West Slope, OR

When you need commercial HVAC near you, don’t simply choose the fastest or the cheapest option. Choose the company with years of specialized experience in installing and maintaining HVAC systems for commercial properties. Contact us today for more information.