The summers in Bethany, OR, are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear,Bethany Commercial HVAC while the winters are very cold, wet, and overcast. If you’re a business owner, you want to ensure you have a functioning heating and air conditioning system in your building. As a business owner, you’ll find comfort knowing that Total System Services is the reliable commercial HVAC near you that can help.

Total System Services is an HVAC company with contractors trained to complete various projects. Our experts can tackle HVAC maintenance or provide repairs between regular checkups. We’re the professionals to call when you need a contractor for commercial HVAC near Bethany, OR.     

Commercial HVAC 

A business owner needs to hire an HVAC contractor for regular maintenance and repairs. You must also commit to purchasing new equipment and installing it when needed. Luckily, Total System Services can do all of those things for you.   


Regular HVAC maintenance is necessary to any business to ensure your system is working efficiently.

Our team is equipped to provide commercial HVAC services at your business to keep your equipment operating at maximum capacity and prevent a costly repair. However, if you need a repair, we can help with that, too. 


The HVAC contractors on our team are ready to resolve any problems that might occur with your HVAC equipment. Whether you hear strange noises or your unit isn’t running as smoothly, our technicians can fix your system and restore a comfortable temperature.  


Suppose that you’re expanding your business to a new location. In that case, you can rely on Total System Services to professionally install your commercial air conditioning and heating systems. Our team of technicians is proficient at installing brand-new equipment that will remain at your business for years to come.   

Commercial AC 

The summer heat in Bethany, OR, might not last long. However, it still can create an uncomfortable working environment if your air conditioner isn’t working. With the qualified technicians at Total System Services, you can trust that your staff will remain comfortable and productive. 


Regular maintenance appointments with our team will help your air conditioner work more efficiently. Tune-ups also allow our technicians to identify any problematic parts that could lead to a costly repair.

Our team can also complete minor repairs or restorations during a maintenance appointment, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment breaking down or scheduling another appointment for issues we find during the maintenance check.  


Any strange noises coming from your AC unit indicate you need help with your commercial HVAC in Bethany, OR. You may have a refrigerant or gas leak that can create hazardous conditions for your patrons. These issues require HVAC repairs from a trained professional.  


Installing commercial air conditioners is no easy feat. You need a trained expert to ensure every wire is installed accurately. Our skilled specialists know how to install new equipment and guarantee you’ll be happy with the installation process and results. 

Commercial Furnace

Regardless of the weather, you’ll want to keep your doors open for business. Having a functioning heating system is essential to creating a comfortable environment to keep working in the winter. 


We are the premier commercial heating maintenance team in Bethany. Our team provides commercial furnace services to ensure your unit is ready to perform at its best and prevent extensive repairs.

Regular maintenance appointments with Total System Services will eliminate wasted energy and wasted money on continuous repairs.     


If your heating system requires some extra attention, our team is available. We can repair your commercial heating system if it unexpectedly breaks down. Our technicians will restore your unit to top working condition to boost energy efficiency and employee productivity.


When it’s time to upgrade equipment or expand your business, a member of our team is happy to answer your questions.

We can work with you to decide on the best equipment for your business. Our technicians will talk you through the process to ensure you understand each step of the installation project. 

Operations and Maintenance Contracts 

Total System Services is a top heating and air conditioning company near you. In Bethany, OR, we offer our customers operations and maintenance contracts.

You’ll be in rotation for scheduled maintenance, and we’ll be ready to assist you in emergencies. 

Government Contracts 

Our team also has experience operating with government contracts to round out the commercial HVAC services offered to the Bethany community. Our arrangements have taken us throughout the region, including into Alaska.  

Dependable Commercial HVAC in Bethany, OR

Total System Services is a dependable commercial HVAC company that has shared our expertise throughout Bethany, OR, for the past 30 years. Call us today to see how we can help your business care for your HVAC equipment!