Tips for Buying a New Furnace for Your Historic Home

While the antiquity is exactly what makes a historic home beautiful and unique, it often also means that the house is lacking in modern comforts and safety standards. It can be difficult to install a new furnace into a historic home. Not only is there the challenge of keeping the rustic ambiance intact, but it is also often necessary to reconcile the efficiency needs of the system with the existing structure of the house and any regulations regarding updates on a historical site.


A vital aspect of any good HVAC system is efficient ventilation. If outside air is able to enter the house, or the indoor airflow cannot disperse easily, the furnace will not maintain the heat well, and it will be more costly. This is a common hurdle for installing a furnace in a historic home because these buildings have often developed air leaks over time, and were not designed with indoor climate control in mind.


Another thing to consider is possible regulations on your historical home. Many such houses come with rules regarding changes and updates to the property. One of your first steps should be to check these and make sure that the furnace installation will not be in violation of any such regulations.


Much of the appeal of a historic home, of course, is the aesthetic. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your HVAC professional about finding a furnace and a set-up that will be complementary to the character of the house.


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