HVAC Systems for a Property Manager

For any property manager, deciding what heating and cooling systems—if any— to invest in for your property is an important financial decision. And it’s also a very difficult one to make.

Why Should I Consider HVAC Over My Current System?

Many property managers choose to simply do upkeep on whatever heating and cooling system the building came with. In many cases, that may even mean no air conditioning at all—that aspect being left up to the tenants.
However, that’s not always the most cost effective.

Can it Make Me Money?
First of all, an HVAC system—like any improvement on the quality of a rental space—can increase the value of the apartments. This not only means that each unit may be worth more rent, but also that the entire complex could later be sold at a higher buying price.

Can it Save Me Money?
HVAC units are not just a luxury. They also can be a preventative measure for both the health of the building and its tenants.
We have talked before about the effects of IAQ (indoor air quality) on the health of those who regularly frequent a building. And, of course, that should always be a priority for any landlord worth their salt.

But excellent ventilation and temperature control can also prevent everything from mold to freezing pipes—problems which could become costly if allowed to get out of hand.


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