Tips for Maintaining Your Energy-Efficient Ventilation

Beyond the comfort of your building, the key benefits of a good HVAC system are how it can save your health and your money. Maintaining the ventilation is especially important to that end. But is there anything you can do between annual HVAC inspections?

Save Money By:

Paying Attention. If you start to notice any odd drafts, especially by windows or doors, it may indicate that there is an air leak. Take note. Such air leaks can undermine the efficiency of a good ventilation system.
Checking Weather Stripping. Ensure that the weather stripping on your doorways are not worn down, and are still fully sealing the doorway. (For more information on what type of weather stripping is best for your needs, here is a helpful breakdown from the Department of Energy).
Maintaining or Adding Caulk. Caulk should not be cracked, and should fully cover the gap or crack it is meant to seal. Gaps that need to be caulked are often found around windows, doors, and ducting.
Protect Your Health By:
Looking for mold. Mold in your insulation can compromise the health benefits of your ventilation system.
Checking your Filters. In an HVAC system, the air is pushed through a filter before it is distributed throughout the building. This is meant to maintain the air quality. However, if the filters become too dirty, they cannot do their job properly.


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