What To Expect From Your Annual Furnace Inspection

No one enjoys the necessity of keeping up with building maintenance. Just keeping your property or office in decent function can seem like it takes so much time and energy. However, some aspects of building maintenance are less time-consuming and invasive than others. Your recommended annual furnace inspection may sound like a nuisance, but in reality it is very quick, with minimal equipment and personnel cluttering the property.

Basic Checks to Prevent Big Problems

Many types of building maintenance involve bulky equipment laying around, and workers walking in and out the doors all day. It can be a serious annoyance, especially in an office running ongoing business. However, with regular maintenance, an annual furnace inspection is most often a simple affair involving a quick check by a single worker, with little to no special equipment involved.

Some of the basic things your furnace maintenance worker will do during your annual maintenance are:
checking for leaks or corrosion
-removing detritus in the ventilation
-changing old filters
-checking the thermostat and controls
-ensuring that excess heat is not escaping
These simple checks can usually be accomplished with a visual inspection and minor tweaks from your maintenance worker, but can make a huge difference in the energy efficiency and safety of your building.


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