Save Money with An Annual HVAC Update

It is easy to think of air conditioning and ventilation installation as a one-and-done cost. However, in reality, an annual update on your business’s HVAC system not only pays for itself, but might actually save you money. But how is that possible?

Legal Concerns
While federal IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) regulations do not apply to most states, twenty-two states are subject to their own regulations in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.
OSHA specifically cites “poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems” as one of the primary causes of hazardous air quality in the workplace. Their website goes on to point out that there is no simple test to determine the safety of air quality. Regular, professional inspection is the only way to be sure of the safety of IAQ in your business. As such, failure to schedule regular HVAC maintenance on your workplace could result in costly legal fees.

Employee Productivity
Although the physical and mental health effects associated with IAQ are still under study, many negative effects of poor air quality in the work environment are well-documented. These include possible symptoms such as respiratory irritation, lethargy, and mental fatigue. It can even contribute to serious illnesses such as Legionnaire’s disease. Unsurprisingly, the illness and discomfort that may be caused by an outdated HVAC system often results in a drop in employee productivity. And the impact is not insignificant. According to the EPA, recent studies suggest that the average financial loss for a business—just from productivity decline associated with poor IAQ—is 2-4%. To further put that into perspective, a company with 1 million dollars in annual revenue could stand to lose up to $40,000 per year.

In short, it is far more cost effective for a business to be proactive in maintaining healthy air quality in the workplace, rather than paying for the damages if it becomes less than quality. And that is as easy as a simple annual inspection and update on your HVAC system.


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