TSS HVAC 40 Ton RTU Project

TSS serviced and repaired customer’s existing equipment for years. However due to the cost of repair, age and condition of the equipment we recommended replacing the RTU ( Roof Top Air Handling Unit). This upgrade allows the customer to save money on future costly repairs and energy usage. It will also provide better indoor air quality and comfort for tenants.

COURSE OF ACTION:Photos_10.11.17_165

    • Provided equipment vendor with layout of RTU, dimensions / measurements of existing curb and duct work
    • Provided structural engineering to insure the weight of new RTU and curb would be supported by building
    • Coordinated with electricians to verify proper voltage, breaker and amps needed for disconnect / reconnect
    • Met with crane estimator at site to determine what crane will be needed due to weight of unit, height of building and reach of pick.Photos_10.11.17_183-(1)
    • Pulled all necessary permits through City of Boise
    • Verified new equipment and curb when received
    • Worked with building owner to schedule time of RTU install, to allow parking lot to be accessible to crane and tenants to be aware of work to be done
    • Took all safety precautions needed by OSHA standards to make sure all tenants and employees were aware and safe during install: caution and danger tape around restricted area of install, all technicians and subcontractors in hard hats, radios to provide constant communication in case of emergencyPhotos_10.11.17_176
    • Wind speed readings were taken for crane before install proceeded to insure safety
    • Evacuated upper floor offices before install to insure safety for any unforeseen accidents
    • Disconnect and removed existing equipment
    • Verified duct work connections, cleaned previous debris, sealed and taped any openings allowing 100% air flow on supply and return
    • Installed and sealed new custom curb adapter
    • Installed new RTUPhotos_10.11.17_184 (1)
    • Made all necessary connections, electrical, gas pipe reconfiguration w/ new flex and regulators, smoke detectors, power exhaust motors, thermostat and sensors.
    • Installed economizers
    • Tested and verified proper operations of equipment
    • Cleaned work space and properly / environmentally dispose of old equipment and refrigerant at TSS Shop

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