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The Most Important Things To Include In Your HVAC Maintenance Contract

Smart business owners know the best way to save money is to keep things working effectively and efficiently all year through. It’s not maintenance items that break the budget; it’s the unexpected events that cause instant problems.

The $25 oil change is much more cost effective than spending thousands replacing the car you drive to work every day because of a blown engine. In the same token, maintaining a HVAC system by repairing leaks, replacing hoses and adding fluids will save you thousands over the possibility of having a major piece of equipment destroyed due to lack of care.
And while there are many commercial HVAC companies vying for your attention today, be warned: there are many less-than-reputable companies willing to low-ball their bids, knowing they can make up the costs later. If a HVAC maintenance contract is on your list of things to finalize this year, consider the following:
Timing Of The Repairs
The reason you are considering a HVAC maintenance contract in the first place is to avoid downtime at your facility. Downtime means productivity loss and angry tenants/employees, which means avoiding interruption is probably one of your key desires. Not only should you focus in on how frequently a HVAC maintenance contract authorizes a visit by a HVAC technician, but also how fast emergency work will be handled. A quality service company will try its best to keep your system running and prevent failures from occurring. But when an emergency does arise, it’s nice to know that how quickly they will respond.
Turnaround Time For Repairs
Cut-rate service providers try to keep their costs low by keeping spare parts at a minimum. That means when a problem arises with your HVAC equipment, instead of having a replacement part on the truck or at the warehouse, they may have to specially order it in. That can take days or even weeks to make the repair, allowing your facility to run at a less than optimal level. For some parts, it might not be noticeable. But try explaining that to tenants on a 90 degree day when the part for the air conditioning system won’t be available for several working days.
Quality Of Work
When you don’t have the expertise, it’s hard to know if someone is providing you with top-notch service, or being less than up-front with you. While looking at testimonials and online reviews can give you an overall picture of the company’s reputation, you can also look at the way they charge their customers. Do they provide rate sheets that make sense, or do they hide their fees in the fine print? Can you get a clear picture of what you’ll be charged up-front, or is it always a wait and see approach? Ask a few questions if you’re concerned with bids or breakdowns. Sometimes the way a person answers can reveal a lot.
Budget Control
A reputable HVAC company realizes you have a budget to maintain. They understand that unplanned events can cause financial duress for some companies. No matter what your budget constraints, an HVAC contractor should be able to tell you upfront how a HVAC maintenance contract will work within those guidelines. Most will have options – do you need one that covers basic repairs, or an all-inclusive that provides 24 hour emergency service as well?


Consider your options, work together with your HVAC service provider, and put one less thing out of your mind as you continue on with your busy days.

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