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6 Simple Reasons You Should Schedule An Air Conditioner Maintenance Appointment

Running a business is expensive. Every day there are new demands that have you deciding what to spend your money on. Rents go up. Operating expenses increase. And like any successful business owner, you do what you can to control costs and cut corners whenever possible.

With temperatures rising as summer nears, it’s time to start thinking of your air conditioning expenses once again. Whether your air conditioner is fairly new, or if it’s been around for a few years, you may be weighing your options on whether to have a maintenance check performed before the hot weather begins. Why is air conditioner maintenance so important anyway? Maybe you should take the “wait and see” approach.
The simple truth is air conditioner maintenance isn’t a cost; it can save you money in the long run.
Lower energy bills
Your HVAC equipment is responsible for nearly half of your energy usage. And because your energy usage is probably one of your largest expenses, maximizing efficiency can provide you with huge savings. Studies show that a well maintained air conditioning system can retain up to 95 percent of its efficiencies. A clean, well optimized system will run less frequently and with shorter duration to maintain a cool, well-balanced office. Which means it will consume less power.
Fewer repairs
When you bring in a technician for an air conditioning maintenance appointment, they will have the opportunity to find potential problems before they grow in size. Small issues left undetected can quickly escalate, causing larger, more damaging probl

ems on a very quick basis. And when things escalate, the more expensive parts of your system may be impacted in the process, meaning a low cost part can quickly cost you a whole lot of money.

Increase the life span
When you regularly maintain your air conditioner, your overall system can run more efficiently from the beginning to the end. If the components aren’t working overtime because of dirt and grime, they can operate as they were intended to. Which means instead of breaking down and requiring even more maintenance, they will provide you with a full life.
Make your employees or tenants happy
Chances are one of the biggest complaints you receive from the people that work in your building has to do with being comfortable. They complain about being too cold when the air conditioner is working overtime, and being too cold when it doesn’t work at all. When a person is trying to warm up or cool down, they aren’t being as productive as they normally can be. By maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis, it helps keep workplace temperatures consistent and comfortable overall.
Provide better air
If you neglect your air conditioner and don’t regularly repair and maintain your HVAC equipment, it can lead to serious health and safety concerns. Sick building syndrome can quickly appear as airborne mold and other contaminants make their way into the air. Because moisture can quickly accumulate in and around your air conditioning equipment, its very easy for these contaminants to begin impacting your air in a short period of time. And once they are in the air, they can quickly begin impacting the health of everyone inside the building.


As summer heat begins to move into our community, isn’t now the time to take a look at your existing equipment, and make sure it’s running as effectively as it can?

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