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Solving Your Cooling Problems Before The Summer Sets In

Depending on how large your building or commercial setting is, your summer air conditioning needs could be giving you some of your biggest problems. One tenant may call up complaining about the heat while the next calls in and complaints about being too cold.

In many cases, the most common problems with your cooling system are also easy to fix because they are human error. Before the heat wave of the summer sets in, keep these things in mind.
Some of the easiest ways to fix cooling problems:
1. Adjust the thermostat
Thermostats are usually kept in a place where everybody has access. One may be too warm, and turns the temperature gauge down. When the next person gets cold, they turn it up.
Before you call in a technician for a service call, adjust the thermostat up and down to make sure it still functions, and the air conditioner will turn on when the gauge is brought to a position lower than the actual room temperature. It may seem like a silly step, but it is the first thing a technician will try, knowing that it’s a common problem where many people reside.
2. Check the registers
The cooling system may be running properly, yet the air can’t get through the air vents because the registers have been shut down. Depending on the location, they can be bumped by a vacuum, stepped on as people pass by, or deliberately shut down by someone trying to adjust the air flow. Check every vent within the building, making sure its properly adjusted, especially in rooms and spaces where complaints have been made.
3. Clean and check the filter
A dirty filter can reduce efficiency by as much as 20 percent. And if dirt goes unchecked for extended periods of time, it can quickly cause mechanical damage that will require additional repairs. Your filter should be checked at a minimum once per month, and replace it on an as needed basis. Your manufacturer’s guidelines will give you a recommendation for how often to change it, or work with your maintenance technician for a regular schedule.
The cooling system’s capabilities can be reduced in a number of ways:
1. The condenser coils may be iced
Because air conditioners are designed to cool, there may be some cases where they try to freeze up. An air conditioner is designed to prevent this from happening, but if the unit isn’t working properly the condenser coils can ice over. This can be caused by a blocked airflow, low refrigerant, an old system, or low air temperatures. A technician can help you locate and fix the problem and bring your system back into working condition.
2. Low refrigerant
Gage the level of refrigerant in the system and recharge it if necessary. If you notice any refrigerant leaks, repair should be made immediately.
3. A worn out compressor
The compressor may no longer be able to compress the refrigerant because of wear and tear to the system. Again, a technician would be able to monitor your system and make recommendations accordingly.
4. A blocked drain
If a drain line if blocked from the condensation pump, it could be causing a leak in the system. A block can be cause by a variety of reasons, including debris or algae, and cause condensation to begin pooling in the drainage pan until it overflows. If this is the case, the line must be cleaned thoroughly before diagnosis of the problem can occur.

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