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Why You Need A Quality Commercial Thermostat

With most aspects of your commercial HVAC system, you are one of only a few in control. If you need access, the system is kept behind locked doors. Repairs, maintenance, installation, all is monitored on an as-needed basis.
Not so with the thermostat.

diagnose hvac repairs TSS boise portland seattle
The thermostat is generally the only component of the HVAC system that many in your building will have access to in a hands-on manner. And for the most part, one thermostat is similar to another, all being fairly easy to operate. But if you don’t have a quality thermostat installed in your office, building or complex, you may be spending more on your energy bills every single month, and having a less than comfortable office environment.
While quality is your number one consideration when making your final selection, finding one that is user friendly is also key. In a home environment, only one or two people will typically control temperatures every day. In an office, dozens may come in contact over any given period of time. And having one person bump up the temperature a degree or two because they are cold, followed by the next bumping it down a degree or two because they are warm will prove to be anything but efficient.
A digital display is certainly a key feature in today’s world; its convenient to look at a clear display and know exactly where the temperature is. Yet for most digital thermostats, display is the starting point, and most will offer many more features that can help you stay comfortable and control your costs.
Consider a programmable thermostat that will allow you to turn on and off, and control the temperature to varying degrees throughout the day. This helps you save energy and allows your employees to be comfortable from the moment they arrive for work. Plus it prevents the building from being heated in the evening hours when no one is in the building.
You can also get a smart thermostat that will allow you to save the most energy possible, even when you’re away. Smart thermostats have advanced technology that makes it capable of learning what temperatures you prefer throughout the day. Download an app and you can adjust temperature, check readings, even check on the energy usage from anywhere you have access.

When was the last time your commercial thermostat was replaced? If you could benefit from upgrading your current thermostat to allow you to better control your environment and your energy costs, schedule a routine maintenance call today. We can help show you the latest models and help you make the right choice for your system


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