How to Prevent a Failed Blower Motor

Here comes those darn little $3-7.00 filters again!  What is one of the main causes of your furnace and/or a/c blower motor failing?  Dirty and clogged filters!  Failing to replace an inexpensive filter may cause your blower motor to overheat and/or fail, and it will cause the motor to work harder – we all want hard workers, but in this case the harder your motor has to work, the sooner it will croak!

And what happens when it croaks?  You send it to the motor graveyard, then call a good HVAC firm and pay up to $300.00 to have it replaced – all because of that #&*#@ $3-7.00 air filter.

Sooooo… discussed in our last air filter post, make sure you change those filters on a consistent basis, at least twice per year, and for those of you with allergies I always recommend once per month (cheaper than my allergy doctor!).

Here are some examples of dirty vs. clean filters (notice the truck in the background):

clean and dirty air filters
oops, waited a little too long on this one…




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