How Often do You Change Your Air Filters?

The air filter pictured below was recently removed from a business that was under going construction, and we just replaced this filter last month.  So if you are not undergoing construction, you probably don’t need to change your air filter but once every quarter.

dirty air filter


Factors that influence how often you should change your air filter

  1. If you live out in the country, and it is not the middle of Spring when pollen counts are up, you probably can get away with checking it quarterly.
  2. If like the business whose HVAC system we were replacing, are undergoing construction which involves a lot of dust, you might want to check it more often.
  3. Pets with lots of dander, means you need to replace your air filter more often.
  4. If you live near a road with lots of traffic, you might want to check it more often.
  5. The type of filter you are installing. Each filter is different, read the packaging material.

How do you remember when to change your air filter?

You can always add it to your calendar on your phone. But the easiest way to remember to change it is to get us to do it for you. Contact us to find out about our HVAC maintenance plans.

Go check your air filter Now!

So go ahead, go check your system’s air filter, and hey, why don’t you connect with us and share a pic of your dirty air filter with us.

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