What do we do for GSA Facilities Maintenance Clients?

For Government O&M(operations and maintenace) clients, TSS provides the following services:


Our Dedicated Crew
  1. Comprehensive building maintenance is performed on all mechanical, electrical, lighting, plumbing, fire alarm and sprinkler systems and architectural components in the GSA buildings.
  2. Maintenance of all assigned inventory
  3. Customer Service; work orders; repairs; testing and inspection
  4. Quality control
  5. Warranty management
  6. Monthly reports
  7. Information systems and records keeping management
  8. Inventory verification and reconciliation
  9. Electronic recording and reporting
  10. Contract management and administration
  11. Personnel management and administration.

The above 10 Services is not a complete list of our services that we provide organizations.

Total System Services is an approved Federal Contractor for GSA, the FAA, the BLM, the Army Corp of Engineers, and has lots of experience on HVAC jobs of all sizes.

Please contact us if you would like a service quote or if you have a question about our services.


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