Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Boise, ID

Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Boise, ID | Total System Services

Downtime is unacceptable to business owners who rely on commercial refrigeration. When one or more units malfunction, this could lead to a loss in sales. Total System Services is available to help with commercial refrigeration repair. Contact us to discuss your needs, as we are happy to help.

Food and Wine recently named Boise one of the next great food cities. This culinary capital can compete with Seattle and Portland with its food offerings. Having a commercial refrigeration repair company available is important, as no business wants to lose customers because it did not have this necessity. With the help of our company, your refrigeration devices will always be operational.

Are you a business owner in Boise, ID, who relies on commercial refrigeration? Don’t let a malfunctioning unit lead to a loss in sales. Total System Services is here to help with all your commercial refrigeration repair needs. Our team of experienced technicians offers maintenance advice, repair services, and even replacement options to keep your refrigeration devices up and running. Contact us at 208-376-1393 today to learn more about our services and keep your business running smoothly!

Exceeding Your Expectations

Our commercial refrigeration repair service goes beyond making repairs to your appliances. We work with you to prevent future issues by offering maintenance advice. If the local refrigeration repair won’t solve the problem, we offer replacement options. Our team wants to help you find the solution and appliances that best meet your needs, as your business is unique.

How Can We Help?

Commercial establishments often have several refrigeration units. Our commercial refrigeration repair service helps you keep them up and running. With our help, you keep downtime to a minimum.

Call us when you have problems with a commercial ice machine or a walk-in cooler. Without these devices, you may have to shut down temporarily. Our commercial refrigeration repair reduces the need to take this drastic step.

We help business owners install a new freezer or repair an existing one. With our help, you can keep foods at the proper temperature and ensure they are edible. Call today to learn more about our commercial refrigeration repair. We are here to help.

Our team undergoes training to ensure they can handle a commercial refrigeration repair involving a restaurant cooler or chiller, a grocery freezer, or an ice machine repair.

Installation Requirements

You can purchase top-of-the-line equipment only to find it does not offer the desired benefits if the installation isn’t handled properly. If you call us for commercial refrigeration repair and the unit requires replacement, we help you find a replacement model. Once you choose this model, we complete the installation. 

Proper installation of the unit is critical to minimizing the need for repairs. Our technicians undergo training to install and maintain all commercial refrigeration devices. As a result, you will have fewer issues.

Professional Services

We provide maintenance and repairs for all customers, regardless of where you purchased the appliance. Contact us for refrigerant leak and repair or to replace a thermostat. We conduct temperature checks and repair or replace compressors and condensers.

Our team will retrofit your refrigerant system and handle recovery and disposal of refrigerants. Call us for evaporator fan or coil repair and replacement, or let us know when you need us to diagnose and replace a TXV valve. We offer several services to ensure you only need to make one call for help with your commercial refrigerant devices.

At times, the problem lies in the thermostatic expansion valve. Our team will repair or replace this valve. The technicians also handle pressure control and head pressure control repair and replacement. They adjust and replace defrost timers and service or replace defrost heaters. Let us know the problem you are experiencing. We will find a solution that meets your needs.

Call us to maintain this equipment, as regular maintenance reduces the need for repairs. Our technicians will happily clean an ice machine or condenser coils. They service drain lines on behalf of customers and will do the same for a fan motor. Let us know how we can help you, and we will send someone out.

Total System Services is Your Commercial Refrigeration Repair Partner

Turn to us when you need commercial refrigeration repair. Founded over 30 years ago, our company thrives on fixing devices other companies cannot. You will love our efficient and responsive service delivered by friendly and professional employees.

We provide honest advice regarding your refrigeration repair, and our transparent pricing lets you know what you will pay before we do any work. Regular communication is crucial to a successful relationship, and we recognize this.

Rely on our technicians for your local refrigeration repair, as they are the best in the business. Many of these technicians have worked for our company for over a decade. During this time, they handled countless repairs and gained a better understanding of the equipment and maintenance. While doing so, they have built relationships with clients that endure today.

Our refrigeration repair company works with residential clients, government agencies, and commercial businesses, providing outstanding refrigeration repair. Our technicians work on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Call us today, and we will put you on the schedule for a repair service.